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At the end of September 2016, Jessica and Eric were welcomed into the Family Resource Network family of providers. Jessica and Eric have three children and two adopted pets named Teddy and C.J. This family has so much love to give that they have opened their hearts and home for children who need a forever home.

Jessica and Eric are prime examples of parents who can provide a loving, nurturing, and safe home to more children. Becoming a foster parent was a lifelong dream for Jessica which is now a reality! The family is eager to provide a stable and loving home for a child in need of a forever home. This family lives in an area with ½ acre of land for the kids to run and play. Both, Jessica and Eric have a professional background that would be highly beneficial to caring for children who have had a rough beginning in life.

Family Resource Network is lucky to have such a high caliber family as a foster to adopt family! Thank you for all you have done to become licensed providers, we feel privileged to be on this journey with you!

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