Family Resource Network & Kaleidoscope Counseling

A child placement agency and community counseling center

We are a family resource center located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offering a wide variety of family services and supports. These services are made available to the community at large. We have been a prominent resource agency since 1985, helping children and families across Colorado. Our goal is to assist families in reaching their goals, enabling growth, education, and personal success, through the exceptional quality of care and services provided.

The mission of Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling is to provide the best quality care, education, and programs for children and families; and to serve the community in which we live and work!

Current Foster Care Providers

There is a mixture of respite providers, some provide foster care, a few adoptive families and those who do all of the above. Each family has their own niche and specializes in particular types of care. Click the link below for Current Care Provider Forms.

Internship Opportunities

Family Resource Network in Colorado Springs, Colorado, offers a wide range of opportunities and clinical experience, Family Resource Network is proud to provide practicum and internship opportunities to undergraduate and masters level candidates.

Clinical Forms

If you are meeting with one of our providers here at Family Resource Network, please click the button below to download some of the necessary forms you may need during your meeting. Click below to access the necessary clinical forms you may need.