Family Resource Network conducts home studies in accordance with state approved Foster Family Assessment Tool through SAFE (Structured Analysis Family Evaluation). In a typical home study a family will meet with a state approved provider from Family Resource Network. In this family assessment the goal is to determine the character and suitability of the applicants, the appropriateness of the home, and the child care practices. Some of the requirements include:

  • Social/history background for each adult and child
  • Current status of the family, i.e., the lifestyle
  • Motivation for a child
  • Transracial and transcultural assessment
  • Child safety and well-being
  • Children with special needs and/or disabilities
  • Relationship with the county in which they live
  • Documentation of any previous emotional, or mental issues, substance abuse, marital problems
  • Medical/Physical records
  • A current photograph of the family
  • Evaluations of the applicants knowledge to care for children

These home studies/assessments are updated as changes occur in the family (adoptions, deaths, divorce). These home studies are done on a yearly evaluation basis, as needed.

Family Resource Network conducts home studies, for their own families, those utilized in ICPC’s (Interstate Compact) as well as studies needed by an outside source to assist in a placement or licensure process. Within the home study process, Family Resource Network also conducts background checks and home inspections as required by state regulations. The home study also gives recommendations as to the strengths the family has to offer, and if pertinent the childs’ specific recommendations.

These services can be utilized either by licensure with our agency, or through single case agreements. Please email us or phone us at 719 227 7477 for more information.

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