Visitations are set up through a trained staff member that will work to meet the needs of the child and the family while focusing on the treatment plan goals. Our purpose is to create an atmosphere that is centered on typical home life, and when appropriate the visits can be moved out in the community or become unsupervised. Before visits begin separate meetings will transpire between the worker and the child, and then the worker and the parents. This helps to establish boundaries and guidelines, and also gives the worker a sense of what is to be expected throughout the duration of the visits. Our aim is to focus on the positive, work towards the treatment goals and above all ensure the safety of the child.

A supervised visitation is a laid back approach where by a trained staff member is available to provide supports, feedback and interventions for families visiting their children. A trained staff is there throughout the visit offering skills to build on the family’s strengths. These services can be arranged to take place in the community, as well as within our agency. This worker is also present to answer questions, give support, as well as feedback as needed.

The goal of visitation is to:

  • Encourage and enhance family bond
  • Focus on family strengths
  • Develop and enhance parenting skills
  • Develop and enhance communication skills
  • Provide feedback to ultimately work towards unsupervised contact

A Typical Visitation Plan Consists Of:

  • Meetings between the worker and the parents and the worker and the child
  • Selection of a time and place
  • The visit, the bio-parents are required to show up 15 minutes prior to the visit to go over appropriate behavior and conversation, and what they should be focusing on during the visit. The worker acts as a secondary participant, giving feedback and direction as needed.
  • After the visit the parents may be requested to stay and meet with the worker to go over strengths and suggestions (i.e., positive nutrition, focusing on the child’s daily routine, disciplinary action, etc.) for the next visit.
  • Progress notes will be taken, and given to the caseworker after each visit to show the growth and/or setbacks of the visit.

Staff Qualifications

Each worker undergoes specialized training to allow them to provide a non-biased and natural approach for supervised visitations. In addition, they must have a minimum of one year experience in working in a mental health related field.

These services can be referred with single case agreement, core services or private pay. Please email us or phone us at 719 227 7477 for more information.

Visits are never to be used as a form of reward or punishment. It is our view that the only time a vist should be canceled is if it is therapeutically detrimental.

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