Upcoming Foster Parent Training Topics:

Training hours are typically 9:30am -11:30am on a scheduled date unless otherwise communicated.

  • March: How to care for children during the COVID-19 Pandemic [eLearning due to COVID19]
  • April: Two trainings offered:
    • Annual Core Update and Semi-annual Emergency Preparedness [eLearning due to COVID19] – April 27th
    • Trauma Informed Parenting [eLearning due to COVID19] – April 23rd
  • May 21st: Nurturing Discipline: Behavior Modification Using TBRI
  • June 25th: Having Fun in the Park [Event Pending]
  • July 23rd: Physical and Emotional Boundaries with Children, Families & Professionals
  • August 27th: Self-Care for Foster Families: Surviving the Summer—Back to School
  • September 24th: Caring for kids who are in foster care — How is it different?
  • October 28th: Reviewing Agency & Foster Care Policies
  • November 23rd: Maintaining traditions and working with birth families
  • December: Holiday stressors & how to minimize meltdowns & Holiday Party [Event date TBD]

If you need to confirm dates or times of training, email us and let us know!

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