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  • How can I help, and is there a need?

    Right now, thousands of children are in need of a safe, nurturing, and supportive family. As a Foster Parent or Respite Care Provider you can help. These kids need lots of help and support as they try to overcome the hardships and challenges that they have endured.

  • Is there support services for foster/adoptive/respite providers?

    Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling strongly supports a family in their voyage of fostering/adoption. It is never our goal to disrupt a family in order to provide a child with one. We offer a multitude of services to help support our current care providers.

  • Who are the children of foster care?

    Most of these children have been removed from their homes due to abuse or neglect, the vast majority being victims of family violence. Many of these children also have psychological and medical needs that may require additional assistance and the ongoing support of a loving and dedicated family. Children who come into care are between the ages of 0-18. Many of these children have been abused, neglected, emotionally mistreated, exploited or sexually abused. Special needs children are those with multiple or severe problems. For some of these special needs children a loving foster home is the alternative to a treatment facility. You, as a Foster Parent, make the decision as to which children you feel would work best in your home. You never have to take a placement, and can ask for all the information available before agreeing to take a foster child into your family.

  • What does it mean to become a foster parent?

    Foster Parents provide a supportive and stable family environment for children who cannot live with their birth families. The goal is to provide parental care, guidance, and stability until the family’s issues can be resolved. Foster parents face a unique set of challenges in caring for children who have experienced abuse, neglect, abandonment, or the death of significant family members. Many foster children experience emotional, behavioral, or physical problems as a result of the traumas they have endured. However, a protective, supportive family environment has proven to be the best place to meet the immediate needs of these children.

  • What does it mean to become a respite care provider (rcp)?

    Becoming an RCP is an alternative way to help a child in need when opening your home full time is not an option. As an RCP you would provide much needed respite care for foster children and their families. Respite care can last from one afternoon through two weeks, and reimbursement for services are offered.

  • What are my first steps in the foster parent process?

    Choosing a Foster agency is a very personal choice – and a good match depends as much on the program offered as the personality compatibility between the agency/organization and the parent(s). You should be asking as many questions as you can. In fact, we believe that the more information you have – the better decision you will make.

    1. Complete the application to become a licensed Foster Parent. Contact our office at 1-866-949-KIDS or (719) 227-7477 to receive the application or click here to fill out an application.
    2. Home Study: Complete a home study with an agency professional provided by Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling.
    3. Core-training: attend licensing training provided by Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling to learn skills needed to become a foster parent

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