Currently Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling has a program where we are able to assist families through the adoption process, helping children reach permanence. Most families are licensed as foster/adopt unless they state an unwillingness to adopt. This is done as to not prolong the process if a family and child are reunited and adoption becomes the goal. When completing an adoption through the county there are little to no fees attached in the process. Families are typically licensed as foster/adopt and children are initially placed in the foster care system. They must be in placement typically six months and parental rights must be terminated before adoption is considered an option. Should it be deemed in the best interest of the child to move toward adoption, the foster/adoptive family is considered as the permanent option.

In addition to the foster/adoptive service, Family Resource Network is available to assist through a contractual agreement for private adoption through ICPC process, as well as private in-state adoptions.

Upon identified placement match, through an adoption matching agency, Family Resource Network assist to complete a home study, pre- and post-placement services, required and requested training support, as well as birth parents and adoptive family counseling.

Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling offers post finalization services, and adheres to rules and regulations noted by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

Foster/Adoptive parents must undergo a minimum of 12 adoption specific training hours, which our agency makes available. These trainings typically include:

  • Information pertinent to the child development years
  • Implications to the family unit.
  • Attachment and bonding issues
  • Grief and loss issues
  • Key concepts of child growth and development
  • Boundary setting and discipline
  • Parenting a child of a different cultural or racial background (if applicable)
  • Dealing with history
  • Understanding of adoptive laws and procedures
  • Contact and communication with the child’s biological family and/or significant others
  • Parenting techniques
  • Community resources
  • Specialized areas as needed

All training must be completed prior to the finalization of the adoption.

In addition, occasional home study assessment updates must be completed prior to the finalization in order to address suitability, appropriateness, and readiness for the adoption. In addition the agency must acquire a copy of a marriage license/divorce decrees if applicable, and the agency file must be up to date to include physical examinations and background checks. All home study assessments done by Family Resource Network are completed according to the guidelines by the Colorado Department of Human Services.

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