Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling offers a monthly support group. This venue allows for foster parents to share stories, find supports from others who understand the system and the process of foster and adoptive services, share ideas and resources, and an opportunity to socialize. Currently, our support group meets for two hours; typically for training and support to the foster parent.

Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling can invite community leaders to provide relevant training for foster and adoptive parents.

If you have a topic that you would like to request for training, please, email us and let us know!

Upcoming Foster Parent Training Topics:

Training hours are typically 9:30am -11:30am on a scheduled date unless otherwise communicated.

  • March: How to care for children during the COVID-19 Pandemic [eLearning due to COVID19]
  • April: Two trainings offered:
    • Annual Core Update and Semi-annual Emergency Preparedness [eLearning due to COVID19] – April 27th
    • Trauma Informed Parenting [eLearning due to COVID19] – April 23rd
  • May 21st: Nurturing Discipline: Behavior Modification Using TBRI
  • June 25th: Having Fun in the Park [Event Pending]
  • July 23rd: Physical and Emotional Boundaries with Children, Families & Professionals
  • August 27th: Self-Care for Foster Families: Surviving the Summer—Back to School
  • September 24th: Caring for kids who are in foster care — How is it different?
  • October 28th: Reviewing Agency & Foster Care Policies
  • November 23rd: Maintaining traditions and working with birth families
  • December: Holiday stressors & how to minimize meltdowns & Holiday Party [Event date TBD]

If you need to confirm dates or times of training, email us and let us know!

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