With more than 20 years of experience in co-parenting, our agency has worked with thousands of unique families. We understand that joint-custody, difficult break-ups, and conflicting family values can make co-parenting a stressful task, but we will support your diverse needs by working with every member of your family to find the right balance.

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Cooperative parenting classes

An 8 week Co-parenting class for families with mild to moderate conflict

Cooperative parenting and divorce is a 8 week psycho educational class, with 16 contact hours. Over the duration of this course, the focus is helping families adjust to the change through divorce, and how to best shield the children form the conflict. The purpose is centered around improving the quality of the parental relationships in families of divorce.

The focus is to:

  • transition form spouses to co parents
  • help parties to understand the impact of conflict on their children’s development
  • identify the conflict and assist in finding resolution and support
  • work on anger management, conflict resolution and communication
  • supporting the family and helping parents to develop a relationship focused on the best interests of the family, after separation.

This program is recognized by the courts nationwide.

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Co-Parenting Therapy:

Using the cooperative parenting and nurturing parenting programs, this service helps families to gain therapeutic insight, build skills, and offers support and information as they develop their identity and work through the transition of day to day life as a divorced family.

Reintegration Therapy:

Therapy designed to help reintroduce an parent into a child’s life after a prolonged period of absence or after incidents of parental alienation. This therapy often includes individual sessions with both parents and children, as well as family sessions.

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Support Group for Children of Separation and Divorce

Grades 1st -6th

This 12 week program helps children process their family’s separation/divorce and understand that they are not alone. In addition, “parent tips” and supports are offered throughout the process.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why Marriage and Divorce
  • The upcoming changes
  • Two homes
  • The grieving process and processing feelings, often times including anger, pain, confusion and guilt
  • Step parents/siblings

Typically, groups are coed and may be separated by age, 1st through 3rd and 4th through 6th grades, and are limited to 10 participants. They typically last 45 minutes, weekly. Please contact us for the cost for this service

For more information about this service, please contact, Shawntel Tucker, at Family Resource Network, 719-227-7477 ex 13.

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