Parenting (Nurturing Parenting Model)

The Nurturing Parenting Program
The nurturing parenting program is trained by categories to meet family’s needs, beginning from prenatal through teenage years, and specialty units to focus on military families, religious affiliations and families with substance abuse. Of the 17 units available, Family Resource Network and Kaleidoscope Counseling works primarily with 5 of the specialization units, to include Parents and their infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school aged children, and adolescents. Family Resource Network also offers classes for teen parents and their children, and The ABC’s for Parents and their children.

Each session begins and ends with the AAPI and a nurturing quiz, so that families can ‘see’ how they have grown. Parents and children are involved, so both learn the same skills and are able to spend time together working on a relationship that will never lose its value, their family relationship.

The sessions are taught most often in a group format, and range in their commitment of time needed to complete from 7 weeks to 26 weeks, with the most popular program being fairly new and lasting 7 weeks, the ABC’s for parents and their children. Every program focuses on a child’s development, empathy and of course NURTURING!

Nurturing Parenting discusses parent child bonding, trust, empathy, nurturing, expectations (as they relate to developmental levels) and discipline (to include family rules). With the tools and skills learned, families are encouraged to develop rules, which lead to positive morals and values as well as improved self worth and relationships.

Upcoming Training Dates

January 22-24 2018
May 14-16 2018
October 3-5 2018
February 6-8 2019

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