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Together we had another successful year!!

2015 was wonderfully amazing. We have added a few additions, foster care and adoptive, as well as staff, that makes our already amazing team even that much better! I feel blessed to have such a terrific team. A team full of devotion, passion, dedication and shear talent and skill. I am blessed to be on your team and I know 2016 will bring even more amazing opportunities and additions 🙂

We continue with our monthly support groups, and have received a lot of positive feedback about the topics and conversation. If there is something you want us to cover, or have covered in these sessions, please do not hesitate to share. We will make it happen 🙂

Speaking of trainings, we have a first aid CPR instructor with us, so if you are in need … please let us know so we can keep you posted on training opportunities.

It’s hard to believe with the New Year is here, and the yearly audits are nearing. Please take a peek at your files, or ask one of us to give it a review, so we are able to maintain our impeccable reviews.

As we enter this new year, and review all of the challenges and accomplishments, let’s plan for how together we can make this year one full of memories, full of life, love, and full of happiness. Together… we are truly the exception!

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