Every family is made up of many unique individuals, each with a variety of thoughts and opinions. Then if you take into account the many peers, extended family, media, and other influences that play into each individual, there is no wonder why disagreements occur in families.

Counseling services provide all family members a voice and a place to be heard. It can educate on tools to resolve conflict in a healthy way, bringing peace and harmony back to our everyday lives.

Communication is essential in any relationship, especially in marriage. Each individual communicates differently and has a unique way of getting their needs met and of meeting the needs of others. We each communicate both verbally, and non-verbally. If an individual does not feel understood, somewhere there has been a failure to communicate, and often when we don’t feel understood, we react, verbally, silently, or with an action.

Finding a way to communicate so that each individual feels heard and understood is difficult work. Many couples struggle to reach a mutual understanding and leave many issues unresolved which can lead to tension and strain in the relationship.

Counseling services help to provide tools in effective communication for each individual. We strive to let each person feel heard and understood as well as to better hear and understand their partner. Healthy communication is the foundation in which a relationship is built on and we want help you build or repair that foundation so that it can hold strong through the storms of life.

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