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Parenting class is an opportunity to learn appropriate and different parenting techniques. This class focuses on the benefits of learning choices and consequences, offer supports of other parents and professionals, and provides the opportunity to learn the different learning and developmental stages and what can be expected of children.

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The Nurturing Parenting Program

Program Goals

The goal of one taking a parenting class is to:

  • Help child and parents to reconnect in healthy appropriate fashion.
  • Gives resources and ideas
  • Enables families to develop a support system with parents working through similar issues
  • To focus on family strengths
  • Assistance in preventing the need for out-of-home placement
  • Providing services to protect the child
  • An environment for parents to learn new techniques
  • Familiarize parents with community resources and supports
  • Enhancing parenting skills
  • Developing crisis intervention skills

The purpose of one enrolling in and completing a parenting class, outside of the standard reasons, such as a support network, court orders, etc., is to learn new and different parenting techniques or styles. In addition it gives families the opportunity to learn what may work for another family. The primary outcome is teaching a family to use choices and consequences for behaviors.

Sometimes it is necessary to have a more individual approach for a family. For this we have a family therapist on staff, who also works with individual needs. This allows a family member to have a place, outside of the home, to come and process, as well as learn and cope in a safe environment.

Staff Qualifications

Leader/facilitator must have a Master Degree in a related field, and be a certified trainer. Co-leader/Co-facilitators must have a minimum of a Bachelors working hand-in-hand with the Masters level leader/facilitator and have completed the certified training. Children group leaders must have at least a Bachelors Degree level in a mental health related field.

Estimated length of service is six to twelve weeks.

These services can be referred through single case agreements, core services or private pay. Please contact us for more information.

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